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Scottish Ski Mountaineering

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Beautiful spring conditions on the Cairngorm plateau. 

Skinning on Cairngorm, Scotland.

We generally have neither the best snow or the best weather in Scotland for skiing and snowboarding. High winds, occasional mild weather in the middle of January and mountains that are just not quite high enough can all lead to a lot of frustration. However for those of us who live here the travelling time is short and at its best the skiing is as good as anywhere On these pages are a few photos and brief ideas for ski touring and mountaineering in various parts of Scotland......

The snowiest mountains in Scotland are generally in the northeast and the Cairngorm mountains, but in these areas the hills tend to be covered in heather and so may require deeper snow cover to be skiable. Near the west coast the hills are often grassy so sufficient snow cover builds up quicker, but mild westerly air can strip snow quicker as well. Flexibility is the key to successful skiing in Scotland. Being lucky enough to get the time off work when there has been recent snowfall and good weather is just the right combination. Also useful at times are an old pair of skis and skins, good kick turning and step turning techniques and an ability to pick a good line when the grass shows through the snow.!

Skiing down the southeast ridge of Ben Nevis towards Coire Leis, May 2015.

Skiing down the southeast ridge of Ben Nevis towards Coire Leis, Scotland, May 2015.


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Forest approach, Ben More.

One problem in Scotland is that there is not always snow!